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Water Filtration System

Ion Pro

The secret behind Ion Pro filtration systems is combining a unique air chamber with a specialized filtration media. The air chamber oxidizes dissolved contaminants, and the media effectively filters the problem particles from your water without the use of additional chemicals or salt.

Ion Pro Air Iron filters put an end to rust colored stains from iron to improve the vibrancy of your laundry and preserve the life of your plumbing fixtures and appliances.

Ion Pro Air Sulfur filters eliminate the rotten egg smell caused by high levels of hydrogen sulfide in your water.
  • Eliminates stains and odors caused by iron or sulfur
  • Economical and efficient as it uses only the water necessary to maintain consistent pressure throughout your household, saving you money
  • Environmentally friendly solution for clean, high-quality water – no chemicals or salt required, just air

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Ion Pro Water Filtration System